Fortaleza 2023 Winter Blend Reposado

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Distillery: Fortaleza Distillery
Origin: Mexico
Size: 750ml
ABV: 44%

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Fortaleza Tequila is renowned for its exceptional quality and distinctive character. Among its impressive lineup, the Fortaleza Winter Blend Reposado stands out as a complex and rewarding expression. This limited edition release for 2023 embodies a meticulous production process and exhibits an array of intriguing flavors.


The Fortaleza 2023 Winter Blend Reposado presents a captivating color, reminiscent of a golden green hue with Sauvignon Blanc-like characteristics. Upon swirling the glass, the tequila reveals its excellent viscosity, coating the glass in a mesmerizing display of heavy beads.

On the nose, a delightful medley of aromas greets the senses. The mild sweetness of molasses intertwines harmoniously with the essence of cooked agave. A subtle hint of brine adds a touch of saltiness, while fresh rubbed mint offers a refreshing herbal note. Delicate floral nuances and zesty lemon zest contribute to the aromatic symphony.


As the tequila graces the palate, its complexity unravels, enticing the taste buds with its well-rounded nature. A delicate note of white pepper gently tickles the senses, providing a subtle hint of spice. Under ripened pineapple imparts a tangy sweetness, evoking a tropical sensation. Notes of campfire smoke and barrel char add depth and character, lending a touch of smokiness to the overall profile.

The French Oak, in which a part of the blend was aged, imparts a unique waxiness that enhances the experience. This velvety texture adds a luxurious mouthfeel, elevating the overall tasting experience to new heights. The combination of flavors creates a harmonious balance, showcasing the incredible craftsmanship that went into creating this exceptional tequila.

Production Process

The production process of the Fortaleza 2023 Winter Blend Reposado reflects a deep commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. The tequila begins its journey by aging for six months in first-fill Charanda barrels made of American Oak. These barrels, reminiscent of Mexican rum production, infuse the tequila with a subtle richness and depth.

After the initial aging, the tequila undergoes a secondary maturation for three months in the same Charanda barrels. Additionally, a portion of the blend is transferred to French and Hungarian Oak barrels, further enhancing the complexity and imparting unique characteristics to the final product.

The meticulous blending of the aged tequila with Fortaleza’s standard reposado results in a masterful composition, where each element is carefully calibrated to achieve a sublime balance. The result is a limited edition release with a total production of 5500 liters, making it a true treasure to discover and savor.

In conclusion, the Fortaleza 2023 Winter Blend Reposado exemplifies the artistry and passion that Fortaleza Tequila is renowned for. Its complex blend of flavors, harmonious palate, and meticulous production process create an unforgettable tasting experience. From the captivating aromas on the nose to the lingering finish, this tequila showcases the dedication and craftsmanship that went into its creation.

If you have the opportunity to encounter a bottle of Fortaleza 2023 Winter Blend Reposado, do not hesitate to seize the chance. Its unique combination of charanda-aged tequila, French and Hungarian Oak influence, and blending with the standard reposado ensures a remarkable journey for your taste buds. Indulge in this limited edition release and savor the sublime flavors that Fortaleza has masterfully crafted.

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