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Exciting news! El Tesoro Anejo Tequila has arrived at City Bottles Store. Indulge in the rich flavors of this premium, artisanal tequila, aged to perfection for up to two years in oak barrels. Don’t miss the chance to experience this exceptional spirit now in stock.

Size: El Tesoro Anejo is typically available in a standard 750ml bottle size.

ABV: El Tesoro Anejo has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40%, which is the standard ABV for tequilas.

Origin: El Tesoro Anejo is a tequila that originates from Mexico. Specifically, it comes from the Jalisco region, which is known for producing high-quality tequilas.

Distillery: El Tesoro Anejo is produced by the El Tesoro de Don Felipe distillery. This distillery is renowned for its traditional production methods, including the use of a stone wheel to crush the agave plants and copper pot stills for distillation.

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El Tesoro Anejo is a highly esteemed tequila that has gained popularity among tequila enthusiasts globally. Crafted with care and precision, this anejo tequila offers a remarkable taste palate, captivating flavors, and enticing aroma.

Flavor Profile

El Tesoro Anejo is a tequila that delivers a harmonious blend of flavors, offering an exceptional drinking experience. The taste palate of this masterpiece is complex and rich, with various flavor notes intertwining seamlessly. On the first sip, one encounters an initial sweetness, reminiscent of caramel and vanilla, which slowly gives way to more dynamic flavors.

The notes of oak and spice emerge, revealing hints of chocolate, cinnamon, and even a touch of tobacco. These flavors bring depth and complexity to the tequila, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship behind its production. The balance between sweetness and spice creates a well-rounded flavor that lingers on the palate, enticing the taste buds for another sip.


The aroma of El Tesoro Anejo is equally captivating, with a delightful bouquet that engages the senses from the moment it pours into the glass. The enticing scent of cooked agave greets the nose, releasing floral undertones and a subtle hint of fruitiness. These aromas come together harmoniously, emphasizing the high-quality ingredients and meticulous distillation process that sets El Tesero Anejo apart.

As the tequila breathes, the oak barrels in which it was aged impart their influence. A gentle waft of vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak permeates the air, heightening the anticipation for the first sip. The aromatic complexity of El Tesoro Anejo showcases the mastery of tequila production, captivating both novice drinkers and seasoned tequila enthusiasts.

Tequila Enthusiasts Discussion

El Tesoro Anejo has garnered significant attention within the tequila community, sparking discussions amongst enthusiasts who appreciate its craftsmanship and intricate flavor profile. Tequila aficionados often engage in thoughtful conversations, comparing tasting notes, and discussing the nuances of their favorite brands. El Tesoro Tequila Anejo frequently becomes a topic of these discussions, evoking excitement and intrigue.

The depth and complexity of El Tesoro Tequila Anejo’s flavor profile has captivated tequila enthusiasts who appreciate the expertise required to achieve such balance. Online forums and social media platforms serve as breeding grounds for sharing experiences and opinions on this remarkable tequila. Enthusiasts discuss the interplay between the initial sweetness and the subsequent emergence of spicier notes, sharing their personal preferences and exploring the various ways El Tesoro Anejo can be enjoyed.

Furthermore, tequila enthusiasts often delve into the origin of El Tesero Anejo’s flavors, discussing the impact of the aging process and the intricacies of the brand’s distillation methods. They appreciate the attention to detail that goes into the selection of oak barrels, noting the influence each barrel imparts on the flavor profile. These discussions often lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the craftsmanship and artistry involved in the production of El Tesoro Anejo.

Tequila enthusiasts also share their experiences with food pairings, discussing the ideal dishes that complement the tequila’s flavor profile. The richness and complexity of El Tesoro Tequila Anejo make it a versatile choice for pairing with a variety of cuisines, from savory Mexican dishes to decadent desserts. These discussions foster creativity and exploration, encouraging individuals to experiment with different culinary combinations.

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