Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon 700ml

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Size: 700ML

Proof: 93 (46.5% ABV)

Origin: Frankfort, Kentucky

Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery

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Blanton’s 700ml stands as a distinguished choice for bourbon enthusiasts seeking an exceptional tasting experience. As an original single barrel bourbon, Blanton’s offers a unique blend of flavors, an enticing nose, and a remarkable plate that have cemented its reputation as one of the finest bourbons available. Loved and applauded by bourbon connoisseurs worldwide, this review will delve into why Blanton’s 700ml is a must-try for anyone seeking the pinnacle of bourbon craftsmanship.

Original Single Barrel Bourbon Taste

Blanton’s 700ml triumphs in delivering an unparalleled single barrel bourbon taste. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each bottle symbolizes the distinct characteristics of the specific barrel it was drawn from. This individuality ensures that every sip offers a truly remarkable and authentic taste, setting Blanton’s apart from its counterparts.

Flavors that Captivate the Palate

Savor the rich and complex flavors found in Blanton’s 700ml. One can expect a delightful harmony of caramel and vanilla, with the perfect amount of oak-driven spiciness. Notes of honey, toffee, and dark fruits add an extra layer of depth, creating an indulgent and rewarding experience with each sip. Blanton’s 700ml epitomizes the impeccable art of blending flavors, making it a standout choice for bourbon lovers.

Nose that Intrigues the Senses

Immerse yourself in the captivating olfactory experience that Blanton’s 700ml offers. Upon uncorking the bottle, an enticing fusion of sweet vanilla, honey, and citrus aromas greet your senses. The expertly balanced notes of toasted oak and caramel perfectly complement the bourbon, further enhancing the overall sensory journey.

Plate that Leaves a Lasting Impression

Blanton’s 700ml imparts a remarkable plate that ensures an unforgettable bourbon experience. The bourbon’s velvety texture coats the palate, unveiling layers of complexity and enlivening the taste buds. The sweet and spicy flavors intertwine harmoniously, providing a refined and satisfying finish that lingers long after the first sip.

Rave Reviews from Bourbon Enthusiasts

Blanton’s 700ml has garnered accolades from bourbon enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying its status as a true gem among bourbons. Bourbon lovers praise its unparalleled taste expression, complexity, and unique single barrel experience. Reviews often highlight its smoothness, rich flavors, and the unforgettable journey it takes them on with each sip. Blanton’s 700ml consistently remains at the top of many enthusiasts’ lists, showcasing its excellence and capturing the hearts of bourbon aficionados.

2 reviews for Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon 700ml

  1. Armstrong McCall

    Very tasty

  2. vorbelutrioperbir

    Just what I was searching for, appreciate you have it.

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